Project Description

Advanced Abrasive Sanding Belt Skiving Machine Latest Design

The skiving machine of ABR-ASMGS-7A is our new design. It’s mainly designed for sanding belt joint processing. Which combined edge scuffing, glue coating and splicing tape pasting 3 funtions together.
The new design model would improve skiving performance to a much higher level. For example: working speed, skiving unite adjustement, heating speed, and splicing tape pasting performance would all updated to a new level.
All of the coated abrasive convertor would get benefit from this new machine.

Technical Info

For wide belt a small guilding table is installed, so that the wide belt would keep in right position all the time
Continuous feeding system with high quality import conveyor belt
Adjustable feeding speed: max 10m/min
Fold-able support roller table for hold material
Standard skiving heads include:
1. Opposite sanding belt skiving unit
2. diamond cup wheel skiving unit
3. Diamond cup wheel skiving unit
4. Parallel sanding belt skiving unit
5. Clean & strip disc/ Wire brush skiving unit (these 2 grinding tools can be exchanged easily)
6. 45 ° sanding belt skiving unit
7. Opposite diamond cup wheel skiving unit

(other type can be customized)
All skiving heads are updated with new design, higher precision, easier operation
All the skiving heads can be adjusted in various directions
Glue coating (spray or roller coating system both available.)
Heating oven length: 2.8m (other size can be customized)
Temperature in heating oven: 60~100℃
Hot air circulation, speed & volum of hot air can be adjusted
Advanced splicing tape pasting device, can paste max width 25mm tapes
Digit setting of tape length
Can choose to paste every piece or every another piece
Flexible adjust tape applicator