Project Description

Skiving machine with glue coating system & tape applicator ABR-ASMGS-4

The skiving machine of ABR-ASMGS-4 is designed for abrasive sanding belt joint processing, which combined 3 main functions: joint edge scuffing, glue coating, and tape pasting.

With standard 4 skiving units, skiving unit combo can be customized.

Advanced skiving unit, very easy adjusted.

Automatic tape pasting, can choose paste every piece or every another piece.

Suitable for abrasive cloth/paper belt tape joint or overlap making.

Technical Info

Continuous feeding system with a conveyor belt
Adjustable feeding speed range from: 10m/min
Fold-able support roller table for hold material
Standard skiving heads:
Clean & strip disc skiving head / Wire brush skiving unit(suitable for both, you can choose)
Opposite diamond cup skiving unit
Paralleled sanding belt skiving unit
45°sanding belt skiving unit
(other type can be customized)
All the skiing head are all-direction flexible adjustable, more precise skiving
Glue coating (spray or roller coating system both available.
Heating oven after glue coating
Heating oven length: 1.5m (other size can be customized)
Heating oven temperature: 60~100℃
Tape applicator with 2 kind of design
Digit setting of tape length
Can choose to paste every piece or every another piece
Flexible adjust tape applicator direction

Basic Parameters

Power: 10W
Electric supply: 380V, 50HZ
Pneumatic supply: 0.7Mpa
Dimension: 5980*980*2070mm
Weight: 1300KG”