ABR machinery, produce whole set of abrasive sanding belt converting machines. As an professional machinery maker, we have rich series of machines to meet your specific abrasive belt production requirement.
For example, Our machines would suitable for producing any type of backing material sanding belt. Which would include: Abrasive cloth belt, paper belt, non-woven belt.
As to sanding belt size, very narrow sanding belt, segmented belt are both OK to be made by our machines.
Furthermore,  overlap joint belt, or tape joint are OK to be produced by our machine too.
We always have a great solution for you to build up your state of art production facility.

Abrasive belt production line usually would include following machines:

1. Coated Abrasive Jumbo/Narrow Roll Slitter—Would slit coated abrasive from wide rolls into narrower rolls.

2. Arasive Cut to Length Machine—To cut down certain length of abrasive material from abrasive rolls

3. Abrasive Sanding Belt Skiving Machine—to make the abrasive belt joint preparation

4. Sanding Belt Joint Press Machine—To make the sanding belt joint firmly joint together after it’s applied glue

5. Abrasive Belt Slitter—Slit narrower belts from wider ones

6. Tensile Strength Test Machine—To test joint strength For each kind of converting machines, we have several models.