Project Description

Automatic Straight Cutting Abrasive Cut to Length Machine ABR-ASXL-500

The cut to length machine ABR-ASXL-500 is designed for automatic length cutting of abrasive roll width less than 500mm.
It’s mainly used for narrow sanding belts production.
Automatic feeding, quantity counting. Only straight cutting is available on this machine.

Technical Info

Max cutting width: 500mm standard
Cutting method: shear cutting
Mechanical press hold the material to make abrasive cloth/paper even during cutting
Cutting angle: ±55
Abrasive cloth/paper material feeding speed: 10m/min
Cutting length: 4m
Length cutting precision: ±1.5mm
Only straight cutting is available
Automatic raw material feeding & measuring system
Digit setting of length & quantity of abrasive paper/abrasive sheet
Unwind station max abrasive roll diameter: 600mm
Unwind station max abrasive roll weight: 100KG (heavier duty can be customized)
Standard single power control conveyor belt (double power can be customized)

Basic Parameters

Power: 1KW
Electric supply: 220V single phase 50Hz
Pneumatic supply: 0.7Mpa
Dimension: 1750*1300*2000mm
Weight: 650KG