Project Description

Advanced abrasive mini roll slitter with Fix Knife set Crush Cutting System

Narrow roll slitter ABR-XZQ-500A can be used less than 50mm abrasive cloth/ paper very narrow roll slitting for flap disc making. Max working width is 500mm. Minimum width available is 6mm.

Adopted with fix knife set, crush cutting method

Technical Info

Max working width: 500mm (other size can be customized)
Minimum slitting width: 6mm
Max unwind shaft bearable abrasive roll diameter:500mm
Rewind & un-wind shaft diameter: 74mm
Max unwind shaft bearable abrasive roll weight:100KG
Max slitting: 20 pcs
Cutting method: fix knife set crush cutting
Cutting speed: 2~10m/min
Cutting pressure: 200~800kgf
Roll edge guiding system for precise slitting
Automatic length counting system
With automatic brake
Mechanical clutch or pneumatic clutch (option)
Expand shaft on winding & rewinding parts

Basic Parameters

Power: 3KW
Electric supply: 380V 3 phase/ 60HZ
Pneumatic supply: 0.7Mpa
Dimension: 2150*1400*1350mm
Weight: 1400KG


1. Expand shaft which can lock the abrasive cloth ribbon
2.Pneumatic clutch