Project Description

Abrasive jumbo roll slitting machine with Shear Cutting System  ABR-XZQ-500A

Narrow abrasive roll slitter for slitting abrasive paper/ cloth rolls

Technical Info

Max working width: 500mm (other size can be customized)
Minimum slitting width: 6mm
Max unwind shaft bearable abrasive roll diameter:500mm
Max unwind shaft bearable abrasive roll weight:100KG
Max slitting: 20 pcs
Cutting method: fix knife set crush cutting
Cutting speed: 2~10m/min
Cutting pressure: 200~800kgf
Roll edge guiding system for precise slitting
Automatic length counting system
With automatic brake
Mechanical clutch or pneumatic clutch (option)
Expand shaft on winding & rewinding parts

Basic Parameters

Power: 3KW
Electric supply: 380V 3 phase/ 60HZ
Pneumatic supply: 0.7Mpa
Dimension: 2150*1400*1350mm
Weight: 1400KG


1. Expand shaft which can lock the abrasive cloth ribbon
2.Pneumatic clutch