Project Description

ABR-FDRT-188 is produced to test flap disc max rotating speed for quality control for manufacture. Suitable for various kind of abrasive wheels/ disc speed test.

Technical Info

Shock absorption design, max noise is 80db
Mechanical & electric double lock, avoid accident caused
wide-amplitude switching power make sure control system work reliably between 180v and 260v.
Automatically locks the spindle when loading flap discs
measurement range is 20~40000 rpm
Accuracy is ±0.01%
High-power thyristor module, overloaded 5 times without damage
All latching switches are dust-proof, anti-corrosive, and oil-resistant, long durable.
The automatic recorder can print the swivel data at any time for analysis and archiving.
Inner dia: 16/22mm
Max rotating speed: 150m/s

Basic Parameters

Power: 2.2KW
Electric supply: 220V
Weight: 300KG