Project Description

Semi-Automatic Flap Disc Making Machine

Flap disc machine ABR-SAFD-180 is a semi-automatic machine for flap disc production. Need to do the backing pad loading & finished product unloading by labour. Can produce 75~180mm size flap disc.

Technical Info

Product diameter size range: 75~180mm
Production shape: T27 & T29
Production model: single flap flap disc/ double flaps flap disc
Suitable backing pad material: fiberglass/ metal/ plastic
Production speed: 800~1000 pcs/hour
With glue pump, can choose 30KG type or 300KG type
Glue coat quantity: 3~30g adjustable
Flap cutting head can be adjusted in all direction
Flap width range: 11~35mm
Flap length range: 14~22mm
Delta PLC control system
Precise transmission system

Basic Parameters

Power: 7.5 KW
Electric supply: 380V, 3 phase/ 50HZ
Pneumatic supply: 0.7Mpa
Main part dimension: 1350x1500x1550mm
Glue pump dimension: 1100* 650* 1700mm
Weight: 1200KG