Project Description

High output Flap Disc Produce Machine for 75~180mm Flap Disk

The flap disc machine ABR-FAFD-180 is a full automatic machine for flap disc production. From raw material feeding, loading on station, to finished flap disc unload on metal pin. Worker only need to put whole cluster of backing pad on metal pin, and put abrasive ribbon on abrasive belt shaft. High automatic, save laborhood.

Technical Info

Product diameter size range: 75~180mm
Production shape: T27 & T29
Production model: single flap flap disc/ double flaps flap disc
Suitable backing pad material: fiberglass/ metal/ plastic
Production speed: 800~1000 pcs/hour
With glue pump, can choose 30KG type or 300KG type
Glue coat quantity: 3~30g adjustable
Flap cutting head can be adjusted in all direction
Flap width range: 11~35mm
Flap length range: 14~22mm
Delta PLC control system
Precise transmission system
Automatic backing pad loading system
Automatic finished product unloading system

Basic Parameters

Power: 8 KW
Electric supply: 380V, 3 phase/ 50HZ
Pneumatic supply: 0.7Mpa
Main part dimension: 1490* 1350* 1480mm
Glue pump dimension: 1100* 650* 1700mm
Weight: 1500KG